Current Food Distribution

Current Selah Food Bank Distribution Days

The Food Bank serves the food needs primarily of residents in the Selah and Naches School Districts which include the communities of Selah, East Selah, Naches, and Gleed.

Selah Civic Center
216 S 1st Street
Selah, WA 98942

Every Monday and Friday
9:00 to 11:00 am.

Holidays/Inclement Weather:

During major holidays and on snowy or icy road days, check our Facebook page before you come to make sure the Food Bank is open.


No ID required. We will only ask your address and the numbers and ages of persons in your household, for statistical use.

How it Works

Check in: Clients first check in at the sign in table to inform the volunteers of their address and number and age of all members of the family residing at that address. The volunteers will give clients bags and access to a limited number of carts.

Choose produce: Recipients walk through and choose items in the produce, bread & grains, and bottled water areas. We try to have some personal care items like shampoo and other toiletries, but the availability isn’t guaranteed.

Unload your chosen items: Recipients then go to their car to unload their perishable items.

Return to choose from final area: The final area has selections of donated non-perishable food and the refrigerated and frozen food sections.

Need help getting food to your car? We provide carryout assistance, usually staffed by student volunteers from the Selah School District special needs program and those needing community service hours.

See the Food Bank in Action

We’ve Already Outgrown our Space!

We are outgrowing our current set up. We have a small storage room at the Civic Center with 2 1/2 walls of built in shelves for non perishable food, 4 upright refrigerators, 2 upright freezers, 4 rolling large rolling carts and several platforms on wheels that allow us to store in a small room but move out into the main area of the Civic Center on distribution days.

Food is also stored in our warehouse, a building rented from the Selah School District. We use the Selah Food Bank truck to replenish and add food choices from our warehouse on distribution day. Our warehouse has 3 upright refrigerators and 7 large chest freezers and also stores the majority of our non-perishable food.

Establishing the Selah Naches Food Bank as an independent non profit with its own permanent building will allow us to expand the days of operation and the hours we can be open so that we can be of further service to the community.

The new building will give us a distribution center that is large enough to hold all our produce, refrigerated foods, frozen foods and non perishable foods in one place, thus reducing the amount of time volunteers currently have to work to transport food to the distribution center, reduce repeated handling of the food and have food set out in large permanent display areas with permanent shelves as well as good refrigerator and freezer access for clients.

The new facility will look and operate much like a grocery store setting where recipients can walk through and choose foods they need.

Learn more about our Building Campaign

Crowding in the current storage area

Our new Food Bank will allow us to display donated food on shelves and racks that don’t need to be moved and rearranged to be stored in a small area before and after each distribution day.

Help us keep the Food Bank Stocked!

Would your family or community group like to organize a Food Drive to help us keep the Food Bank stocked to meet the needs of our community?

Food Donations, Food Drives and Funds are always welcome.

Donations Needed